matt hyland On Wednesday, 7 March 2012

These are three development and stages I expirimented with today,

development 01

This idea was to create the back wing as one flowing shape connecting and slightly murging with the front wing, I found this a battle to do, and when I looked at the autographs after, the shape became a hasle to figure out on how to get it to mach up.

development 02

This is after I desided to re design the back wing,

 development 03

this is further development, on the fuselage, I was trying to get the engine cover working in the design, but I did not like the wy it looked, so I will attempted this later and make it look a lot more nicer. I was also still puzled about the wings, I felt that the there was a lot of pinching conflicting with the front wing, and felt the back wing being a seperate loocked more nicer.

development 04

Here I decided to take a step back when the engine part was not there, and re configured the front wing as a separate object, I also re sculpted the back wing more and added in the rib suports.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Matt! I know this was a tricky day today for you!! I am just wondering if the back wing needs to be slimmed down a bit...I don't know if you'll have enough space left for very much canvas at the moment. Maybe put it over the top view orthographand see how much is left....

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