matt hyland On Friday, 23 September 2011

After talking with Alan he has picked up on really good points, my idea seems very ambitious and that it sounds more like a major project. but for this project it would be good to scale things down. There are allot of post apocalyptic games out there and I need it to become more specific so it doesn't become generic.

The transcription was lacking not just with in environment issues but also texturing and other big elements for it to be game like.

So this project I will be looking at a smaller environment but gaining and broadening the skills for when I come to do this main idea.

I was just looking at the borrowers and micromachines, and I remember a map mod in back when I used to play Medal of Honer Allied Assault there was one modified map online were you fought with in a giant kitchen. This also takes me back to the film Hunni I shrunk the Kids, I also remember the film Small Solders and the game Army Men.

As for right now im a tad stuck for ideas maybe a miniture world could be a spark for ideas, for stepping stones for skills to lead up to this my main idea.

But the main thing for this project is to scale the enviroment down as a pre project before my main project.

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