matt hyland On Monday, 26 September 2011

This morning I had a brilliant chat with Phil about new ideas of what to do. I have a knew brilliant focus for this project now, he built more up on the idea of the small scale miniture world, of what Alan sudgested.

There is a new idea, this time focusing on toys and how in a toy world they would cope in an apocoloptic situation as toys.

I have a now a new grounding for this, as only a back story.

There has been a new influx of toys that have come into a a house, and the old toys dont like the new toys and are going to be deffending their toy room by constructing and minipulating and combining other toys together creating buildings and vehicles and weapons to fight the foreign toys.

So my main commition is to create this environment of minipulated war machines and structures out of toys.

I've worked out a times table to what and how this week will be,

Today - Research iconic toys/classic toys - influence maps
thinking about the story behind the game

Tuesday- Continue with research start to dissect and minipulate Objects
(maya 2pm)

wednesday - start concept art and thinking of proposal for friday

thursday - draw up proposal - scribed document with influence maps, synopsis + intentions for week 15

friday - tutorial with Alan, and following up on feedback



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