matt hyland On Tuesday, 20 September 2011

discussing my ideas with phill, he guided me into new thinking for the environment

I have set in stone a few world rules

  • Pre 1945 technology
  • Out of the tunnels
  • Iconic elements to London
  • How the world around the apocalyptic elements can be utilized (such as, St Pauls Cathedral, Big Ben, the London bus, tube trains and Trafalgar square)
  • Make the world scavenged
  • Collage the world and create and mess around with all sorts of stuff

Thinking shanty town, with carcases of buildings being built up with corrugated iron and ruble,

Train stations have come into mind to be utilized iver as scrap (taking the elements of the structure and using it in other parts of the city) or as for living

Train carrages and steam engin biolers have come into mind of how they could be used, to power stuff like electricity or other parts of the town, so you have the steem trains dotted arround working not as mode of transport but as a mode of powerring a gennerrator for someone.

The london bus being used as a way of living or a way of defence, I could imagine society breaking down and gangs forming and social unressed building as time gose on, creating the deffencive element to the city.


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