matt hyland On Friday, 23 September 2011

(post before talking with Alan)

taking advice of looking at corral I have been looking so mutch at the grim side and the seriousness of the enviroment, and it being about "war", its hit me that I could actually have fun with this and its really sunk in what people have been saying


 in this image I could just imagen plane fueselarges being collaborated with bus's, and cars, and the peny has finally dropped to how I want this world to look. the skeliltans of old buildings being used as suport rather than re built to hold up these other utilised buildings, from scrap. The buildings can layer and layer up on top of each other.  

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  1. tutorphil says:

    I think this is exciting, Matt - the penny has indeed 'dropped' - but it will be important to listen objectively to Alan's advice, as he has a clear insight into what this project 'means' technically, and I know he's keen that there is a match between expectation and ability at this stage...

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