matt hyland On Tuesday, 27 September 2011

these are some of my random quick sketches being but together, though mostly war machines at the moment, there are still ideas that are shining through.

the scate shape reminds me of a fast buggy, and with its shape being quite aerodynamic. the Rocket on the back, is from a foam toy rocket style, (though I have to be carful that this is not too generic as shape an it would also need a way of air being forsed into it)
this is a toy truck, allong with a super soaker attachment to it, im feeling that the water could be used as a sort of flamethrower alternative, plus, the Maccarno sides could be used as the same adaption I had with the corrigated iron, 9V Batterries remind me of jerry cans, of what you see on old armoured trucks. a small issue I have would be adapting a turret, I here have used a a classic robots head.    

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  1. Jackie says:

    How about using elastic bands as a form of propulsion for any missiles...sort of catapult style?

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