matt hyland On Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dolls houses are a brilliant structure to play with and to adapt, and to take up the challenge of something quite calm and cute, into something more crazy, as soon as the doors of it open. I had an idea that maybe it could be used as a tatical element, were the enemy are just walking allong and the dolls house is peacefuly sitting there, and then it suddenly opens to then ambushed them. Another idea is that the house can be pulled apart from the back and behind, I instantly had this vision of a camera shot of this dolls house with its front slowly openning, revealing this mash up of sinister toy defences, and the camera then slowly moving through a window at the back of the toy house revealing the rest of the environment. though this is more to be thought of later than now.

while thinking arround I also remembered rene magritte and his surreal room

I liked the way everything is blown up and exajurated

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  1. Sam Hayes says:

    Check out the Dr. Who episode I mentioned, where they are shrunken into a Dolls House, its on Iplayer:

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