matt hyland On Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Today I started of thinking about catapolts, I embasing on how the teeth could be used, here I designed a simple catapolt frame allong with the teeth being able to hold the marble  

Randomly I started to look at RC chassis, thinking that every kids has a small RC car in his toy box some were... So I started looking at the shape thinking of another way of how it could be used allong with the catapolt in my mind.

On this I remembered a series from scrapheap challenge, were they used two wheels spinning around really fast oposit each other to fire objects, this is also seen in tennis ball shooting machines. I also thought that even with out having the wheels spining I could use them to suport elastic bands.  
This is the same idea but put up on a defencive wall or tower, after this I started moving onto the metireals and buildings, and structures with in my environment and how they could work together.
 As you see here I started doodling and moching up random ideas. this is were I started to hit up on and play around with the dolls house idea, and how in other ways it could be used. the rader I thought a speaker cone would be a good way to adapt, you'll also see a random robot arm and what looks to be a missile silo aspect of the crayons being used as missiles.   
 The house I thought could well be a way of suprising the enamy or making it into an abstract styled building.
Here I decided to play arround with all sorts of objects and toys and experimenting in how the house could be used and also exploring how objects can be fitted togther and made abstractly, but still have a form of use. the scaletrix road at the back turnned on its side makes a good way of making a wall. This also could be another extent to maby making a large gate. 
Here I looked at many doll house designs and other possibiliteas to how maybe the dolls house can be cute, and simple but as you open the door, you'll find it completely different.

Looking bak onto the teeth idea and the way the teeth move, I felt that if you stopped the teeth in a singular place with out them moving arround. and attached a rod to the top and then to a wheel attached to something else. I thought that the teeth could end up being able to drive something. On this page you'll also see me expressing the idea of how the scaletrix track could be used as a wall and possibly a roof.

 on here I was looking at the way Maccano can be used. I've never had a Maccano set in my life and I feel I need to really research this aspect more. I feel my world being a mish mash of Maccarno, lego, Knex and Technic lego, all being layered and built up on top of each other.
This was just a peace of fun i had with randon objects springing to mind, it started from the top left hand corner and grew, it is a sort of conclusion of thoughts of today.

(I must also say that my drawings are not pristine pure drawings as they are just random quick idea sketches)

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