matt hyland On Monday, 8 March 2010

It is very hard to find and make out the difforence between what is a toadstool and a Mushroom.
by searches, I think a toadstool is more slender than a mushroom being more fatter
These are commonly visualized toadstools, the classic red top and white spots.

These are the starts of my character designs. after what Phil said this morning, I wont be using faces and arms to emphasize, characterize, the Toadstools expression.
I was also looking walk cycles as well during this and how maybe it would react if squished, to help me I used Colins, idea of points of movement from point A - B.

This is the Toadstool dance from fantasia I like the dance routine and the way they move.

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  1. Alison says:

    No doubt Matt you have noticed the eyes. There is very little facial structure and yet it portrays so much. It strangly enough falls into place with the animation that Susie showed us today. "His passionate bride" once again very little detail was drawn yet the eyebrows/eyes were used so well.

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