matt hyland On Monday, 15 March 2010

The latest ideas I'm having for my toadstool idea is coming along better.

I'm trying different poses to try and get a 3D image in my head about what it looks like, and to also express, the depressed feeling with in the toadstools

Here I'm experimenting casting back to using the rim of the toadstool, as the eye brows.

here is a quick study of another type of toad stool its self, I think it's too late in the day to start changing character designs.

This idea was suggested by Allison, of using the spots of the toadstool to be the face, though my opinion I think this maybe turning it into a literal face again.
Here I'm experimenting with the two mediums with water. (water colour pen and pen) most of the work on here was coloured by water colour pencils.

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  1. tutorphil says:

    These drawings are much more expressive, Matt! And some of them just seem so worn-down and sad... nice! :-) I like the pen and ink work too...

  2. Alison says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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