matt hyland On Wednesday, 17 March 2010

this image is my most favorite, i feel that this week I've improved on my drawings and I enjoyed it, though most of the other drawings, I have had me struggles. This drawing I think being most successful though if I carried it on to the legs i think the right leg would may of become to fat, but at the time I couldn't see the legs properly, and I find the waist and the legs are my difficulty. though the image above I'm proud of due to the shading, though also another problem I like to resolve is the face, though I think I maybe going too hard on my self in the image, as I found this image being my most successful. =)

this drawing I struggled on, I, firstly started it off of it being really small, but then was to re start and enlarge it. I'm glad I also that I changed the feet in this pose at the last moment, though I found it hard to get the feet right. In my pictures I find it hard to create large depths of shading and tone, and find my shading becoming scratchy.

this image was the first drawing, very blank as I found it hard to find an easel at the beginning and I came in late in the session.

this one again I find it hard to get large depths and to imagine dark tones on the figure, and to also find it hard to the light and dark textures. another thing that I'm finding hard is the hair, and on how to try and get the hair right when drawing it.

this image I really do like the shading up on this peace, though the foot at the end needs a bit more work on it, but in general I found this one a really good small drawing.

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