matt hyland On Tuesday, 30 March 2010

this is a mixed animation of the walk cycle and the bouncing ball (I found the walk cycle very hard to do and as same with the bouncing ball, I struggle with consistent drawing scales as u may see the scle of the ball gets smaller till the end and the mans legs also change scale)

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Matt! Hope your easter was good...
    How's the project coming along? Don't forget, you have my email address if you want to contact me about anything, or drop me a line on my blog. (Actually, here is my address again - in case you have lost it! :) )

  2. tutorphil says:

    follow this blog

  3. tutorphil says:

    ... more blogs (2nd/3rd Years) you should be following (and I should have passed on ages ago!)

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