matt hyland On Sunday, 21 March 2010

My story is very short and sweet,

The toadstool is depressed amongst the mushrooms and the mushrooms are jolly and happy bouncing around. The toad stool is depressed as he is the totally the odd one out and is ostracized due to this, so he leaves, on his travels for a batter life, it finally ends up with him meeting up with another patch of mushroom, not realizing till the end that they are all the same kind (1 part unhappy, 2 part. leaving and walking through woods depressed, 3 part. him meeting his own kind) the part i'm struggling on is the angles and how to tell this story with out it being 3 main boards, i i feel i need to think through the idea of other boards more, unlike the mermaid project being more action, I feel this has a struggle in being Iver far too drawn out or far to short...

here is a scan of a quick story bored I created the other day I feel maybe here I have some bones to the story boarding, I geus I need to expand up on this more...

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  1. Lev says:

    A great book I've been using (and I can;t believe I've not used it before >.<) is the one Alison has 'Setting up Your Shots'. It has some great camera angles and movments etc in there.

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