matt hyland On Monday, 13 February 2012

Bomber development

These are early versions of the bomber, I was taking on board, the way of having two silhouettes and moving them on from stage to stage, this is of the squid and the lionfish silhouette. Im not 100% certain on these designs though, but out of them I do like 5 and 6, 5 being small and nasty and 6 being more sleak.   

Fighter Development

These are the fighter designs so far, I have two more to create and minipulate, but I've taken number 4 into early development 


the very large corporate bomber is coming allong very nicely in its develepment, and is quite a sturdy design, I know I said against being a bi plane but number 5 really looks suites it, the deign is developped from a horse shoe crab, a manta ray and a lobster, with the engines from a spitfire silhouette.


Here is the minipulation of number 4 of the fighter development page, I want a kind of back gunner or turret to the aircraft like the Douglas SBD Dauntless WW2 air craft, that also built to fight the japanese at sea.

I feel I need to develop more on the fighter though, being that it is more bodged together, I was thinking maybe you could see a lot more of the engine, and as you see on number 5 and 6 I started looking at the wing shapes as well, creating this more fishy characteristics and it being light and fast. I also added on the trailing tendrils.

Last week I started to back ground develop a logo and branding for this project this is an early idea, its a working logo, along with a working title, though these are back ground elements but I feel that its this project really does need it.

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