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Proposal 1

Square Enix have commissioned me to create the art direction of a new game called ACE PIRATES, the game is about two nations fighting over air space in a fantasy world, the game is going to be an online +12 MMORPG download, the designs of the planes are going to be based of marine animals, due to their seafarer past and traditions. The player can build and manipulate and customise his plane as well, the colours of the plains will also be gathered from fish.      

I will start pipeline for this by gathering mass imagery, of fish and a number of many planes,
I’ll then start working through silhouettes creating interesting shapes and designs and developing them into a final idea.
I would be building two of these planes; one plane would be sleek and fast with light weapons, the other would be large and heavy with lots of weapons. These planes will be opponents of each other such as the national force and the pirates. The colours and patterns of the aircraft will be based on the fish as well.   
The aim would be to have two fully rigged stylized models statically displayed in a combat scenario. 

What I would like to learn from this:
New involved modelling techniques
Texturing techniques
Rigging a vehicle
Lighting and world lighting

This idea is a great idea but it lacks the reason of why they are based on fish...

talking to phil he said maybe there could be two groups of fish and that I should look at ivasive fish and they could be fighting over a water space to the other fish.

I liked this idea so I started looking at ivasive fish to shape the aircraft designs:

Chinese Mitten crab
European green crab
white spotted jellyfish
New Zealand Mud snail
rusty crayfish
Asian Carp
asian swamp eal
The comb jelly
Japanese starfish
The snowflake coral
Sea lampreys
Darwins Barnacle

while thinking of the design and taking the instpiration of these fish, it then came down to the subject of why are these planes or two sets of people battling and why possibily over water, I also though of what can abrasive fish do to their environment, and I found out that they can spread diseases, I thought of could it be politics and that act as a diseas, but then after a while it led onto dictatorship, and then fizzled out. I went back onto the idea of maybe them fighting over water or salt water and fresh water. Then some ideas started to emerge out of this, and started building a back story and also to who these two sets of people were and why one secter were named pirates. I then started to create a strong back story of the world, answering the whys and hows.

The history of this world, the planet its self is a dying planet

People have taken to the skies, the land and sea are polluted, and to gather fresh water they have Rig points that purify the water, these Rigs fly up to the main flying cities above. Years ago the land became unlivable and polluted, so people moved to the sea, and then the sea became polluted and unlivable, then people moved to the skies, by building large sky cities.

The NF is a water supply company set up by the dictator before he came to power. When he came to power he started to control the supply and the demand of water, prices started rising, people became poor, the outskirts of the flying cities were the most poorest and distant, the dictator valued wealth above welfare, and wanted rid of the distant poorer sectors.

It was the poorer people in these sectors that maintained the rigs; they then got laid off, water became harder to get and the quality was getting worse, and taxes on the poor became higher, until one day one of the old rig workers went down to a few of the rigs and found that some of the rigs were sabotaged, later on they find out that the dictator is feeding bad quality water into poorer sectors. From this point the poorer people rise up against the dictator stealing back rigs, this then makes the poorer people pirates.

these are the pages and ideas of the idea growing

 These are images and beer mat drawings of drones and a rig.

And this is the idea its self growing, allong with another beer mat drawing of a possible way of how the secters are replenished with water.

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