matt hyland On Monday, 6 February 2012

This is just illustrating the ideas of monday and combining fish shapes together with plane elements, such as the tail with armour, engine and cockpit. These aren't designs its just a combination of illustrated ideas

 I was researching real gaming companies for my first proposal, and also thinking of the actual name of the game its self, and stepping away from ACE Pirates

 Here I'm taking influence from the Lionfish and its fin shapes and creating wing ideas from them
 Combining the shapes and illustrating ideas at the time.
 looking at flyingfish wings and studieing them.
 here I'm thinking of the biplane and at the time i was thinking against it, as they seem, too structured, and to ridged.
 illustrating the fish gills idea on a plane.

 This is after I spoke to phil and him talking about the invasive fish idea and allong with me researching the fish them selves
 Here I'm thinking of how the enemy could be attacked in some way.

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