matt hyland On Monday, 6 February 2012

Today after Phil's tutorial I've felt morally very happy I feel that it is an all stations go, and I can start developing and getting things rolling, I feel that it was a very good idea of recording the tutorial on my phone so now I can play back and re listen to what we said and make extra notes to move forward.  

with in the we mentioned tutorial about the two assets of the two aircraft and the binary opposites between the Pirates and the Corporate aircraft.

The Pirates:

materials being made from woods, scrap and canvas, also being very lite and fast, and I could imagine them having very tuned up engines where they've had to modify their engines and having scrap parts bolted onto them, a bit like the days of WW2 fighters were they would come back shot up, be repaired and be off to fight the next day.

this is a list of the possible weapons they would have

Trailing tendrils, inspired by jelly fish, they can be set a lite to ignite the gasses of the Corporate heavy craft, these also could be barbed to catch in the engines of dog fighters. The pirate would then release them, this also could be due to that pirates planes wont be as fast as the corporate fighters. A bonus for corporate I hear you say due to them being slightly faster, now your in a speedy fast plane trying to shoot down a slightly slower plane than your self, you then have to slow down, with out stalling, and behind this aircraft, with these long fiery or barbed wavering tendrils, that can get caught up in your own engine thus destroying you, plus you are trying to concentrate on hitting your target with these burning trailing tendrils masking the front and the important parts of the plane.

Puffer fish bombs,
bombs like a puffer fish when dropped into narrow cooling towers are thin, then they expand and then blow up, this puffer fish aren't the spiky versions.

Venomous spars influenced by the Weever fish and many other poisonous fish the Weever fish has spars that come out,  its reminded me of the Japanese fan that shot out darts, so I feel that this would be a brilliant weapon, or in stead of normal bullets, they could shoot more dart like rounds.

The Corporate dictator craft:

these will be more bulkey, and industrial bellowing thick black, out of funnels, the corporate styled craft will more like a large heavy bomber, with more armored plating and heavy.The bellowing smoke would be a form of defense as well as a weakness, as it is flammable toxic gasses. The smoke can be linked to the ways of octopus ink defense, not only this smoke is thick, it can also be used as a smoke screen, masking the contours of the bomber. though this smoke is flammable, if the attacking aircraft is too far away from the funnels, and the smoke ignites, it can then end up blowing up the aircraft, so it does have its advantages.

Spiky Puffer fish:

This time used as a defense and offence to shoot other pirates out the sky, these are shot and then stick them selves to the other planes and then explode with shrapnel sending spikes flying everywhere, tearing through the canvas of the pirate planes wings and coverings.     

the octopus tentacles:

I'm still thinking of what they could be used for, they could be a way of landing or a part of the look and design. I wouldn't really want them to play a role as a weapon as such, as I think that they would be too challenging for the pirates.

Crab pincers

crab pincers would be good to use as a sort of melee weapon getting up close and personal and chopping parts off the plains.


wile discussing the bomber, I thought of the hind and its heavy payload of weapons and its chunkiness,

This is also very fish like and bulky.  

This also could be said for the Avatars flying fortress, also its self having a heavy pay-lode.


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