matt hyland On Tuesday, 14 February 2012

 Here are the finished off versions of ideas 5 and 6 for my fighter.

(fighter designs)

Talking to phil yesterday he mentioned that he liked the way the lion fish had the fins at the top, and the way it had a sort of Japanese fan effect, so I decided to develop the latest idea of number 6 on the sheet, and try and create this effect. I feel maybe I should create a whole new plane, with this idea in mind rather than trying to stick it on at what seems to be a last moment. I am also currently creating the top down view, also I am  trying not to make them have a bad guy look, so I'm trying to keep down the spikeyness.

(fighter 6 development)

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  1. Jackie says:

    I still like number 4 - the spines are a bit more elegant looking, and you could stretch some sort of canvas between them if you wanted. Numbers 7 and 8 remind me a bit of the Siamese fighting fish...

    ...after it's had a fight!

  2. oooo I like the fins on this :D

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