matt hyland On Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This is the bomber with a turn arround, you also will spot that I have done mid section plans aswell allong the bottom. It has been a rather very interresting creating the front and side view of this and planning out the sections in between. The idea of creating the sections between came from the inspiations of the plans below, the way the fuselage is cut up, I feel that doing this would make it easier when I come to model the two chosen aircraft. I also want the plans to look like as if they're being created by an aircraft designer as well. 

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  1. Jackie says:

    Good work so far Matt! The only thing I would say is, that the rear section doesn't look quite right....from about section C, should you not be able to see the spiney bits (of the horseshoe crab-inspired design)sticking out? And part E should show the blobby bits at the side of the lobster tail, perhaps?

  2. I see what you mean, section C was hard to work out and sections D and E, I think are a bit out of shape but section E is as if you have cut the plane straight down that section though maybe I could add more spikey parts possibly

  3. tutorphil says:

    Hey Matt - I like the professionalism of this approach - like a proper schematic :)

  4. Jackie says:

    Yes, I agree with Phil - very professional looking! :)
    I think what you need to do now is 'industrialise' it up a for example, the side view at the moment looks a bit generic in terms of it being a plane - it doesn't yet show all those lovely big tubes for belching out the noxious gases, or the chunkyness of the armour plating. Give that a go today and see what happens!
    Then you might want to approach the plane in a similar way! :)

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