matt hyland On Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I'm glad to say that the dynamics tutorials are finally underway through many difficulties of the computers at uni not having Maya, and also my Maya computer not having the Internet at home, I've been pretty stuck, though now I've found my solutions and now have stuff progressing.


All day I've been battling with texture, though this is a simple test scene, I think maybe I'm trying to run before I walk I'm not to sure. this is not yet finished but is something closer to what I want. The room is lit with a normal ambient light but most of the texture its self is carrying the depths and shading, I have saved everything in step by step PSD's for if do need to refine or configure the texture at any stage I can then do so. Though this is a render with its finalized texture, of this style I have kept and saved all the original textures before it. At this present time I'm not sure on what the world or final scenes are ever going to look like at this moment I feel that through more tweaks and experiments, I feel I will have this great world of Oliver twist/Gustave Dore game concept in hand.

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