matt hyland On Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Today I went to Spitalfields market in the east end of London, look and get first hand account of the east end Lodnon streets.

it was amaizing to look at these buildings and imagen how it used to be back in the victorian era, with old small cramped streets and small shops like this.

trying to grab as mutch visuals for textures and elements for the game, and details.

I was with my brother at the time taking these

this building really took my eye for its neglect look and feel about it

taking note of the hight and the wall pattern.
which kind of was annoying about these buildings was the paintwork, it seemed to take it out of its origenal state "modernised"

Taking the shots from out side the market was hard due to the public walking arround and getting in the way, so some of these take on a more touristy feel to them, but still trying to pick out the details

This buildiing cought my eye for that it was very diffarent to what I had seen from all the other buildings, though dasly at the bottom were modern shops. I find that allot of buildings have allot more character above the shop line. 

Taking note of the small areas and details of building is key.

When coming to building the scenes with in the project its self, I'll choose two scenes and highly refine them, for game. Taking note of my convesation with phill and creating scenes with amaizing atmosphire to them. I have finally got my hands up on two oliver twist books (one to read and one to doodle, take notes and highlight in) 

phill encouraged me to look at the black and white version of oliver, to build up on the atmospheric style of the scenes. 

he also showed me a game called Limbo inwich taking note of the atmophire of the game and how it looks and also another game called ICO. when creating the textures, styles and atmosphire to my scenes, I will look strongly from the scetches and drawings from Gustave Dore's. When playing this game, I feel allot of it should be very disaturated colours. expressing the influence of Gustave Dore's and deep textures.

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