matt hyland On Monday, 7 February 2011

this is my most recent hand drawn concept piece, and first of the official peices. This is of olivers work house scene, you may also gues that I have not used a ruler with in this scene as I didn't have one at the time, but this is my first official 16:9 A3 concept (16:9 in inches) I did it this way through that I could express and draw more better and gather in more details, though as I express this is done in the style of Gustave Dore. I remember thinking after this I'm glad I didn't use a ruler as on my smaller concepts with rulers, they looks too robotic and plain, where as this I felt that it ismore expressive. In this concept I'm also trying to gather the style of Gustave Dore.

Today I went to the library and brought out a book that is amaizing to me

you can really see the details of the images inside and it is amaizing peaces of work.

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