matt hyland On Friday, 5 November 2010

The one area that I liked about this film was the humour I liked the way he started to peace things together. although the first part was quite obvious to him, it's like he didn't take much notice of the first hint to to that maybe his world was quite right, when the light fell out from the sky. I like the way he starts going mad as he realises that his world is not as what it seems.

The Trueman show hits up on many elements that are of today's truths, for example the culture of CCTV, Big Brother, commercialism, an ordered way of life, 24 hour TV the way that we sit hooked to the TV. The film also picks up on media and film atmosphere tactics. For example when he officially meets his dad, and the way the music builds, it shows it from the moon and the sound being directed. With in the film, they are all made obvious to us but when we look up on our own programs, we don't seem to notice them as they are fluid to what we are watching.  When we watch the News you find that the music is quite major, with quite major tones, getting us into a serious concentrated position, as soon as it comes on we know the que to instantly sit down and listen to what we find is important to us.

It could be argued that the Trueman show is our mirror of today, made plain us, the way we accept everything in our lives to be 'normal' and 'plausable'. But as soon as we're knocked off that way of thinking, we become unbalanced and start questioning the world to what it really may well be. The film Matrix is linked to this film in this way, taking someone from what they accept as normal, and turning everything upside down on its head. The Trueman show is more about Trueman finding the real world and working it out for him self, where as matrix Neo is dramatically pulled out of his world. The common conception of these two films, is that it makes the audience stand back and think for their own reality and world for what  they live in.   

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