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Nerd: (Marvin)

The Nerd "Marvin" has been the most hardest struggle of all the characters. As a villain, I have battled and battled with drawing him since day one. I think it was down to his main profile of what I wanted him to be, and taking on something that had slightly stumped me, but I was determined to create him... 

At first he was going to some how control the head teacher in some way but due to complications of the head masters look, (being more thug like) he was scrapped.


This is being more of the first interpretation of the nerd character. This being a new book, I decided to start him off with him being bald instead of with hair, from the first book.

 I then went up on this debate of whether to have him bald or not.
I went up on many ways up on this buy creating  all sorts of faces for him and developing him

I also went on struggling up on the proportion of him, and I felt that there wasn't something quite right looking with him.
I experimented in facial expressions, using his glasses as a replacement for his eyes, I imagend the glasses could take over that part of his expression.
these are the first elements of Marvins turn arround.
Justin guided me to look at the side view of this vilain for the fact that he looked flat. 
Here I decided to really do a complete re think and making him more vilainus.

Here I've felt that I've finally reached my goal with him

Monkey: (Mannick) shaiman name: (Guilan)

The monkey being a replacement from the head master has turnned out to being a good thing, though I wish i thought of this from the start than a while into the project. With allong side with a strong back story linking him with the guitar, but has been one the trickyest to draw since starting him, but one the most fun characters to draw.

Through early stages the monkey looked quite kind rather than a crazy drumming energetic shaiman monkey, But it's through creating the monkey the back storyies and the story of these charcters wouldn't have evolved. and also looking at it that it could be a video game based aswell helped me to focus on the storyline and extra elements like the way the monkey may use th drum sticks and object designes aswell.

As time past the monkey became more manic looking and crazy.

rocker dude: (Max)

Max being one of the most easy going characters to draw, and him having the most time spent on object design as well, this character has given me the most least amount of worries as when coming back to him, I found him fun and easy to draw. This biggest main concerns I've had with Max is continuity in his proportion. 

These are the first developments in the new book, regarding Max.

Facial developments, I wanted the head to still resemble an old 80's mohawk, but still have the superhero style.

These areas are what I found hard, the continurity of the porportions to tell the character. 
I felt that things where just being bolted on, than flowing with the body

Here I've decided in experimenting in trying to break out of the flat 2D area to bringing the character more to life, in both of these images I was still struggling in continuity in proportions, as you see the legs are stubby and the torso being quite long, though I could argue that I ran out of paper, but I should have planned it out more before drawing it. Justin here also aided me in the continuity. The other difficult area is the positions of the hands, playing the guitar aslo taking referrence to images from the web. 

The guitar its self being almost a character in its self through its back story, the style of it, being unique to a normal guitar. I looked up at many abstract guitar influences. Being that the guitar was going to be carved from wood and being quite basic but having the same ergonomics of a guitar aswell.
Here I've created hight skayles to how I want my characters to look between each other.

These two are th most refined and needend drawings of the sketch book, I stared using red pencil in with the blue define the lines and then the normal pencil over the top, I feel that through doing this, the characters are much more better quality. You also see this on the later development of Marvin and the monkey. I wish I had used this tecknique earleier with in the development of the characters. 

I feek that this is the most refined character out of the book. I've enjoyed looking through this as I like looking through how far and how mutch better my skills have become at character design.

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