matt hyland On Friday, 5 November 2010

Spike Jones

I found the film interesting to watch as you actually found that the film its self, written by Charlie Kaufman, was written from his own experiences. It's post modern setting being that it is layered, as he's created a film about creating a film, from a book that has not much of an interesting story. To someone normally watching this film, they may find this film quite mundane, a film about a film writer having writers block with another film. That is also tide in with the Hollywood action ending towards, though when he wanted to create Adaptation, he actually didn't want a Hollywood ordered ending or anything to do with Hollywood.

I feel that the scene where he's seeking help to write the film, from Marty (played by Ron Livingston) and Marty turns around and says "Alright. Make one up" after Charlie Kaufman saying that the book has no story. I feel that this scene also mirrors the real life struggle with Hollywood, in not making it into a action film.

The fact that it does turn into a Hollywood ending in its self is also another layer, as through the film, as the  film its self is quite quiet. I see it like a mushroom shaped film. (Ok that's going to sound odd)  


 visual to what I mean.

This is meaning I found the film as quite a sudden change at the end, and the film taking up on a new sudden style, from a quite clean though mixed aspect, of cross between of him visualizing the story to back to his daily life and his struggle of love. But then bam towards the end it turns into concern and a sudden build up to this shocking of his brother dieing and then being chased around in the swamp he was writing about.

The other playful thing that film plays across, that Charlie Kaufman has a brother. BUT in real life he doesn't. So this in its self, an actor is used as an another mangled layer with in this film.  

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