matt hyland On Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dracula 1958

what liked with the with the film, was the way the story moved from one place to another, (from the castle to the town) at first although knowing that dracula was a vampire, i liked the way it wasn't too obviose, until the visitor wrote in his diry, in which then revealed the intentions of the visitor. At first I was thinking why would somone want to work as a librarian?

I found it a nice revieal when the layde who you thought she would have been good turned out to be a vampire herself.

when it came to the point of hunting down the vampire and catching and killing it. I found it interresting to the way the vampires reacted towords the crossifix and the way of good over evil, I particually liked the last scene of this, due to the affects of the vampire turning into dust.      

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  1. Jackie says:

    What have you got against librarians then, Matt?! ;)

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