matt hyland On Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The first part of the lesson we watched a film about the characters of Disney, it had clips of films from the past, we learnt about the formulas of how the characters work, between acknowledging between the good, the bad and the . . . sidekick.


bad characters, are usually coloured as dark purples, blacks, reds, dark blues, and pale whites.

They usually have strong over exaggerated voices.
The movements are exaggerated, and dominant.


The Hero's, the colours are usually, bright, happy and strong. Red can be classed as strength in some cases, such as Heman, but you find that it is a bright red and that Grey skull u find has Dull, blues and purples.

The Hero's usually are more human like, and we can relate to them much more easier, and voice wise they are less exaggerated and more to our own level

The hero's movement again we can relate to, but again do use exaggerated movements to show their own power.


Sidekicks CAN be wacky things, that mean nothing but are a use to both, elements of the good and bad, they are usually the humour of the setting, for example the dragon from Mulan, is there to guide, her and is usually the funny part of the film, and as seen in emperors new grove, kronk, Is strong but is dumb but again funny.

The second part of the session, our exercise was to create characters, by giving us playing cards, that where like 4 of spades, or kings or 7 of hearts.

each number of type symbolized a category on a list, by pulling out two of these cards and finding out what card you had, it came out with two types on the list for example, you got 3 spades, and 7 hearts, you would look on the list, it would equal to a zombie, traffic warden.

This idea came up with a random amounts of combinations to go up on.

The first combination I had was vampire traffic warden.

I admit that my character designing is not my strongest element, but is something, I'm more than willing to improve up on.

After creating a few we where allowed to choose another two random cards, and this time I got Rabid, Scientist, this was one of my strongest characters, of them all, as having a beastly jackal and hide feel to it.

Coming up on my last final picking I got Holy Cheerleader, inwich whom I decided to create as angilic and light, though her legs I feel went strange.

Once this was done, it came to our main final theme to what our character project was going to be based up on, this time from a different list, I got Highschool, Super hero's.

When hearing about my options, I quickly started thinking up of characters that could be reprosented with in high school, and how they could be turnned into super heros I jotted down as many ideas as I could, example:



Popula Girl

Annoying girl


Rocker dude

Sports achiever

Head master

I also instantly thought of X Men, the way they are set out, being that, Nerd is like Professor Charles Xavier, and the others being run by him, but then it came down to the head master, for that we all as kids look up to him, or rebel, so I decided to maybe have the head master, be the nerds creation and the head master being his sidekick instead, (role reversal, you think, the head is in control, when it's the nerd) this came to a slide wander of how I would show this, in the characteristics of the head master...

For one, I would make the head master, a bit dumb looking, clumsy, But yet when needed, very useful to the nerd, I was thinking of a Herman Munster Look to the head master, (very tall and flat headed but more serious)

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