matt hyland On Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The documentory I found interresting yet frustrating, I found that I wanted to shout out and say "JUST GIVE UP, IT'S NOT WORKING" and I felt the frustation of the actors not turning up, and then the disaster of the flight cases full of equipment floating away down the hill.

While this you could see the passion of how he wanted the film to look, and annoying vission of it roling arround in his mind trying to burst out... but as time went on through the documentory things unravled and ran away with his idea.

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  1. Yep your right. It is a frustrating watch. Just imagine how frustrating it was to be one of the many employees on the project. You really don't want that feeling to creep into any work that you are involved in. Believe me its a miserable and painful experience.

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