matt hyland On Monday, 27 September 2010

For the narrative project I'm looking at cheerleaders, at the way they look, and dress. For them as aliens, they have to at least look cheerleader like.

Looking at the cheerleaders posture, and figure, the aliens will have to coincide with the elegance of teh cheeleaders.

looking at stepford wives, the women are prerfect, in every way, maybe the alien cheerleaders, are perfect in every way, but in a creapy way, (too perfect they leed men to their ship and then taking over the mens minds) then slowly using the men to take over the town, through the men taking orders telepathicly vire the cheerleaders.....  

I also was thinking we could go into the dance routine its self, on maybe that its self could be mesmerizing, and could go down the hypnotizing route (having hypnotic powers while they dance) This is just a role off the mind thought that I may sudgest, to the group... 


(UCA has a cheeleading group?)

Nononono, here I'm looking at the way the cheerleaders work and dance together in routine and how cheerleading competitions work, if this was to be a convincing film at the time, areas do need to be consistant real life.

Though our personer of the film is 1950's style B movie, I'm trying to point out about undermining the dancing its self, as it's the 1950's, it is not wise to be cought that the dance acts where not as complex back then, to what they are today. (don't undermine the personer of the day, they still would have known how to dance)

looking at the cheerleading contests I feel that the spike of the story should happen around this point (possibly)

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