matt hyland On Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Alien back ground theory

Cheerleaders come to the world to gather the spawn from men; they do this by luring, men into their grasp through there amazing looks, for the men to find out that the alien cheerleaders with all their beauty not only take their spawn but they take their life, to feed the growing eggs with inside them. When the eggs are at a certain stage, they then lay them, with in their space ship to spawn more aliens like themselves,  (if male, they turn out to be bullet proof biomechanical warriors that harvest.) When the female alien have spawned their eggs, they then morph together to become a queen. (Taking inspiration from bees)

These female aliens, colonise all planets by taking on an over attractive version of the female species to whatever planet they land up on (morph) They look for the stronger males to feed their spawn. The aliens don’t only attract by looks but also by sent.

The Male form of these aliens do not morph but due to when the planet having no male prominence at all they mate or kill the remainder of the planets females/small number of males to I’ver turn them into their own species or to fully exterminate the world of all its life.

Once this is done, they then move onto other planets and the same process starts all over, (these aliens only go for intelligent life forms and all lower life forms are destroyed in the process)

Alien Looks when normal, Spider like, possibly mixed with tentacles, possibly biomechanical/ Freudian looks.


The space ship lands in a heavily covered wood behind a school after reading in up on a signal of an upcoming basketball match in a few weeks time, the radio boasts how strong the players of the team are, and how beautiful the cheerleaders are, they then form into the pure females, as they most possibly can and then come out to be cheerleaders as it boasts to be on the radio,
The next day they turn up at the school, the pupils are overwhelmed at the sight of them, and their beauty. they instantly cover themselves that they're all sisters from out of town, and are new around town and are new to customs of the town. (The principle has no word of these three new arrivals so they are sent to his office, through certain sent the aliens send off, the principle lets them in to the school and settles them into a class) 
This is where the story begins its toll of missing pupils...


(The Hero being a nerdy like girl who always wants the best picture and also is like a school reporter)

She was out taking photographs that other night, when she took a photo of the spaceship flying over head, being that at the time this was a one off photo, and when she took it she was very tired, she decided to not develop the film till a few days later, she put down to what she saw to tiredness. As the first few missing cases start to build she starts putting things together, she then immediately develops the film that she took the other night, being scared about the realization; she starts to quietly investigate asking about what she saw, this then leading to the two lovers in the car that night, with their theory: they take it to the police, at first the police disbelieve the story, they are kids.  (is it too late for the police to do anything, when screams and people come running out from the school)

We are going to all write our own synopsis then we're going to put them all together, and taking good parts of each area.     

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