matt hyland On Thursday, 23 September 2010


 These are the first logo designs I have come up with, using the glow effect on the layer, at first thought they looked good, but after a while I felt I should explore allot more into the logo, as due to an after thought, they looked a bit quickly done.
 I decided to work out other ways of creating the logo more smarter and professional.
 Here dicided to play with it being blacked out,
 You could call this being the final of the bunch, I like this for it looks quite simple and smart.


Creature Studios, is our final name of our group, when creating these I had two ideas, of puting "studio" under the logo and another with it inside.

 Playing with elements, that I have already played, with I like this style of logo, personaly I prefer the logo with the "studios" with inside the graphic. 

The one above, I found quite simple yet smart.

I liked playing with the bevel, to give it a tad 3D effect.

 Again I tried out the glow edge tool, but I came to the conclusion, of it looking a bit cheap,

The ones below I found to be quite smart and sleek style.



 Personally these are my favorit, I created these, by highly beveling, and puting a gradiant overlay up on it, and then changing the coloures, I like the way the bevel leaps the graphic out towards you, making the graphic look like creature its self.

 These where done after, taking influence of the one earlier, but after doing the highly 3D look, I feel these look slightly more dull, yet more slick.


These where done after, as a slight after as a slight test to see how the 3D effect would look, and I feel these are quite smart.

As a group will deside up on the final logo, as we will put all our designs together.

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