matt hyland On Monday, 12 October 2009

This image is a concept to what my final image may, or may not look like, as for that it is one concept.

I had consulted Phil about this image, he guided me. We spoke about how the composition had two strong images saying the same thing, the chains and the maze, the other image that also stands out is the neckless, he mentioned the word of tautology, which was like two same meanings put together, to describe one thing, for example large giant or small dwarf. He advised me to take a photograph to use for my new style of portraits, of my head/face, he advised this as this image was a recycled, version of an older photo, that sugested no meaning to my relevent idea. my newer photo's will now capture this mood and express this, he said to have the images as nutral emotion, or like a picture of the top of my head opened up and with the maze/chain inside.

tautology: double description eg: small dwarf or large giant

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