matt hyland On Friday, 30 October 2009

this is my first ever scene i've created using a graphics tablet

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  1. tutorphil says:

    and so it begins, Matt - so, which book are you working from? Remember, I want you to become an expert on your books, their authors, the time in which they were written, the adaptations, the illustrations - the works!

  2. I'm doing the lost world by Conan Doyle (the graphics tablet image above, doesn't support this though, which through this comment has got me slightly worried whether i did the section wrong..)

    when researching adeptness, I get allot of stuff on Jurassic park,but since reading the true story, I think the lost world film of not as good, but looking through there is a lost world adaptation by John Landis, (which as by looks seems more to the original book, but there's is an element of sex and glammer posted to where as as far as I've read doesn't seem to have any of that) there's also 2 other adaptations made in 1925 and 1960... But before adaptations of what other people have made of the lost world, I don't want to take everything from them and create a copy of everything already done. another thing is that i'm going to do concept scetched more in pen as my usual sketch's in pencel seem to lack depth (i may create this comment into a blog)

  3. tutorphil says:

    Okay - so you're doing the lost world - Leo's got that book too, and he was interested who else got it, so go say hello. No - you're not doing anything wrong - your first digital painting is evocative. Yeah, the Jurassic Park sequel was subtitled The Lost World as homage to the Conan Doyle original. Your literary 'spaces' are all 'real world' in some ways - lush jungles etc. You should combine solid visual research into jungle flora and fauna, rock formations, geology etc (all derived from descriptive clues in the text), but don't forget to make good use of artistic license too! A bit of theatricality! :-)

  4. cool erm do you Leo's site address?? and I have been looking at Forrest/jungle imagery and the amazon its self, I like the opening of one of the scene as they diverted from the lake to avoid the rapids, and I like the way he builds up the solemness of the scene, and how even the men with him, toned there voices down to whispers as the prehistoric trees rise above them, and I like the description of what trees and what the scene looks like around them with the many different plants and vegetation, but i feel a scents of darkness about it, *I remember my geography teacher in school talking about the constant heat they have in the amazon too and talking about stuff like this*, I also get the image of the canoes docked by the water, and the other image of them rowing down stream looking around at the forest wile the feer of the Indians ready to kill them...

  5. Alison says:

    For a first attempt Matt, that image is very good. I loved reading about what you are doing and what you are thinking, great to hear who and what you are researching and am absoloutly thrilled that your comment turned into a blog, because this is the information that you need to get out there. Keep going :-)

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