matt hyland On Monday, 19 October 2009

I have finally created my final peice and have created and experimented with many other styles of minipulation, and I have used many tools in the process of these creations... each image is trying to describe the intrapment of me with in my mind.

these images here are very striking, but I felt they where too literal and like here's me, my head and there's what's inside, so it was sudgested that you tell allot about a person through someones eyes, so through inlarging the eye I created more effects ending into my final peace.

this is my final peace, I wanted to show that my mind is sometimes trapped up with in thought processess, and that there is an inner me trapped up and wanting to breake out, I also like this due to the contrast of my face to back ground, above has the step before it, this was going to be taken as my final, but I felt that it wasn't getting the write message accross that there was my inner self trying to breake out, I also like my face a looming out the dar creating suspition.

It was also said that the images corrispond with Escher, last week I couldnt remember this artists name, but i new what the image I was thinking of at the time.

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