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this is one of my final pieces of my maya project from week one, I created this using Maya 09 I first created the dice from a cube, and evolving it into a dice by using the extrude the select point tool and through using photoshop I created the skin for the dice its self, through creating the dice in photoshop. the difficulty when creating the dice, was the select point tool due to that it kept snapping in different places. The main other difficulty I also had (in which I need to revise) is controlling the camera and lighting tools, for this I had used the help of Emily. when creating the skin for the dice, I had forgot to delete the underline grid so when i created the skin, I had the grid of the UV still all over the dice. To fix this I decided to manually wipe the lines through the paint effect tool this part was ok, but the lines looked scruffy, when putting them with on the dice. after this I decided to neaten up the lines through, using the help of Thomas and Nathan, from the second year to help me.

Essay (see blog below)

the question/questions I may ask is,
  1. why do we judge people in the way of social boxes (STEREOTYPES)
  2. If we do judge, where does it come from/ thought
Lecture feedback and thoughts
the lectures are about, perception, about how we link images in different ways, they showed us images of optical illusions, and what we can see with in the images, and how one image played with perception and scale of foreground and background. One image was of stairs. This intrigued me through the way of how the stairs mingled together in many points of perspective.

Dorian Gray

with Dorian Gray, I found the imagery used in the painting very graphic on how he had turned into this evil man and the painting was, I'd say sucking his soul away, like he had lost all his morals as soon as he made his wish to be perfect, but through this perfection, he was then controlled by the cat statue. I general I found the film hard to follow, like it jumped around with dinner parties, but i found it unclear what wrong he was doing apart from breaking the girls heart and murdering his best friend.

Life drawings

These are images that I had produced in life drawing, I'm not the greatest fan of life drawing, but felt with in this lesson I truly go0t better by the end of it.


These are doodles with in my main sketch book planning out ideas

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Interim Review - Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Matt,

    Your essay idea sounds solid, but beware of turning it into some generic 'soap box' about the ills of stereotyping; be sure to root it very firmly in clear visual examples, the work of artists whose art is 'about' stereotyping. At the seminar, you talked more about the depiction of youth culture, but with Tibor Kalman, its an issue about race; be careful then, that you don't try and talk about everyone who has ever been stereotyped; keep your argument clean and plainly delineated; 'In this essay, I will be looking at the relationship between race and identity by looking at the work of Tibor Kalman..." You only have 1,500 words - so don't create a blancmange!

    I found your writing about Asperger's very insightful and very affecting; it is for this reason then, that I'll admit to some disappointment regarding the visual strategy of your portraits. You created in my head the most vivid image of you being almost buried beneath your own ongoing thought processes - or lost and dwindling inside the labyrinth of your own obsessions; the images you created were all 'spatial' and nothing to do with the expression on your face; I think you need to start thinking differently and more creatively about the best way to convey your 'imprisonment' inside your own head; as I was reading I couldn't help but thinking of those endless staircases of M.C Escher and the dungeons of Piranesi

    Finally, I don't think 'your face' is going be the right way to show people this aspect of your character; think spatially, think about environments; you might be dwarfed in the image, a tiny dot...

    More generally, if you're going to photograph and upload your sketchbook pages (and I want you to), do make sure that the resulting image is of a high enough quality; your sketchbook pages are almost too faint to see - and I really want to see them!

  2. Alison says:

    Matt I left you Tuesday and it is now Monday and you have not uploaded anything to your blog, come on dude, you have a whole week to show me what your up to. Post, post, post.

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