matt hyland On Thursday, 22 October 2009

this image i had a problem uploading it, so I opened it up as a normal picture, and print screened it into paint and then cropped and saved it.

this one at first i could find the shadows and why they wasn't popping up when rendering, I soon noticed that I had painted the shadows the colour as the sun.

The fire scene I had trouble in creating, in getting the colours right, every time I put in the gradient, the scene would turn red, so i played with the colours, to create the effect I saw with in the tutorial.

These two scenes where both similar in creation (horror scene and sci fi scene)

Night scene

Mid day

Early morning

With this one, there was a slight glitch with in the tutorial, so Emyle had to come and sort it out.

This is my most favorite one it looks alien like.

I had to really battle to create this chrome... but to my disapointment i think it's turned out more blue, when i followed the tutorial, bothe shaders where turnning out very white and bleaching the robot white.

Here is the cinima scene, when comming to do this, the image was out of alignment and shaded one side black. to fix this i had to re align the light.

This here is my whiskey when i first rendered this, somehow I, created a double layer on the back ground and the shadows came out stripy.

These are my poker chips

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  1. Your skill level seems to have improved over the last five weeks. There were some early problems (see prvious post) regarding modelling proportions but on the whole a successful set on images.

    Did you complete the 'Animation tutorials?'

  2. yes I do but I'm having problems in uploading the images of them, although tranferring them into Jpegs, they're not comming up as images, and it wont load on the blogger, but i have put the niations on the fianl, folder, on the pc next to the mac in our room.

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