matt hyland On Wednesday, 5 October 2011

 These are more rough sketches, of buildings and toys and weapons, the building above consists of a Death Vader Tie Fighter, a toy workmans krane and scaletrix road as a door

 Another way of making an A fram for a trebuchet, from using the usual Knex to using the legs off a toy robot
This is one of those toys were you pull the string back realy fast and spins a flying disc really fast and it then flies off.
 A mass idea on a way on how to fling marbles, using the string puller its self.
 I have finally bought a cumpas, to neatly draw circles. 
This is a concept of a cannon shooting marbles, you  pull back the stopper that is connected to the elastic band, the stopper is connected to the hammer inside the tube, the tube is in two halves, in between the connection, there is a peace of rubber, supporting the marble. as you let go of the stopper the happer hits the rubber at force, prepelling the marble. The tubes would come from the Marble Run game.

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