matt hyland On Thursday, 6 October 2011

Talking with phill this morning we discuessed about the time period between the 70's and 80's, and expressed that the two time zones are set too close together, I was advised to look at 50's time against the 70's to 80's toys, so it becomes a battles bettween nostalgia and icons.

 spinning tops
 1950's barbie

 a toy called Mr Machine
 Mr potato head
 Ray guns, have brought an idea into the style of the tanks,

 classic 1950's tin Robots
 silly putty

 Tonka trucks
  View Master

this Mr machine is brilliant way of moving and showing the inside of the toy of how it works and they take it apart in the advert aswell

The frisbee

I thinking that the style of the 1950's toys, can have the retro futuristic space effect, with the same way you have the Ray guns.

1950's roller skates

50's space toy craft

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