matt hyland On Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I've had so awesome ideas since Alans talk on friday and the attic being really fun and cartoony

working out how thing work and look

The final tactical goal to get over the terrain is to fly

here I have created a 50's colour map I have found all the colours really pastally and allot of the Tin robots have the detailes painted onto them. The red colour seems to be the most brightest of the colours

The 50's shapes come accros fluid and airodynamic along with a rocket style,

 The 80's coloures are very bright and loud

The 80's comes accross bulky and chunky and very mass produced

I have a strange confution about the 80's skate of cutting the top half of the skate away to make more space for the rest of the weapons

the wing idea of the clock work toy flying, i felt at this stage i was looking at things too technically and litrolly

generick catapults using toy arms.

Finalizing Baterry operated toy, is quite hard, as of all its weapons, that you collect. This is inspired by all the 80's toys I've seen, though it seems very cluttered.

Taking the shoe into a more off road, RC tires, I', feelling that I may create a few mid process for the vehicles, as during the game you will chop and change parts to suit the obsticals arround you in the attic, the main thing I'm going to have to work out is:

A) the colour
B) the look and style
C) the finallised weapons up on the vehicles
D) the final vehical its sedlf.

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