matt hyland On Monday, 3 October 2011

this brilliant video shows all the toy builders trucks from 70's to 80's to 90's

70's toys

this is a visual list of research I found, on Ebay of 70's toys and normal image search, thes alll would be brilliant to build from, there is a lot more research to do though

this thing was a racoon
it was a shock to find what seemed to be a kids tool set.

every toy box has a childs gun

these are bendy toys, that I think would be interresting to utilize

80's toys

ghost busters gun
He man base
this would be an interresting structure to build from.

I have one of these Honk Monsters

This would also be a goo toy to cannibalize and attach things too.

it was fun to find a tin robot amoungst the toys, for me to use.

the classic 80's toy mobile, I think this would be an iconic peace to put with in the Toy box to deturmin the 80's

Toy truck

a brilliant site i've found called do you remember

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  1. Jackie says:

    Well, we've just had a chat, and I thought it would be good for me to make some comments so you have them there for your reference, and also to see what other people (ie Alan and Phil!) think....
    I was wondering if the 2 time periods you are looking at - ie the 70s and the 80s - aren't a bit too close together in terms of what was available in the style of toys...? There has obviously been a huge leap in technology between that earlier time (70s/80s) and now, as can be seen in the toy mobile phone above! It might be useful to exploit those changes, and show the earlier time period as being more of a time for 'un-computerised' toys, and the present day, where a much higher proportion of toys are electronic or computerised. Just a thought! :)

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