matt hyland On Wednesday, 5 October 2011

 these are more interresting toys of the 70's and 80's

allot of these toys have really interresting shapes and sizes to them, on how they can be used with each other, the modurity of these toys were mostly 80's and the website I found has a lot of dolls with them and soft fluffy toys, so it became tricky to pull out structural nice toys to build from. 

The other day I was talking to Ruben about my project idea, in a game concept as well as an idea, and he saw the game its self if it was played out, as an RTS style game for example Command & Conquer 3

A game combining of metireal gatherring/resorces to up grate tanks and weapons.

Taking a step back from it being  "THE GAME" and looking and combining everything ive researched and going for, I feel that this would be a nicer option, as I can then focus on certain buildings and vehicles BUT, also creating the environment of what the toys sit with in.

for example

 This is the unit.
This is the world.

I feel this will be nicer, as when I design a building I can then put the building into the environment

But  up on this project COMPLETELY LOOKING AT THE LOOK, STYLE AND ART DIRECTION, and not looking at it as a game, I'm putting a reminder of my proposal upas I do not think I've blogged the proposal.

Ubisoft have commissioned me to carry out the art direction of a new game called Toys Make War, the game its self is based on two opposing toy armies, that have come against each other due to the child gaining some toys that has been passed onto him from his neighbour, there has been past conflicts between these two sets of toys in the garden, but since this action of the child getting these toys, from his neighbour, it has turned into all out war between these sets of toys, as they have now met eye to eye. Also the child has now grown up and all the toys have been put in the loft and the two sets of toys are now warring against each other and blaming each other for being put in the loft.

My job is to create one environment for this game, and a vehicle. The toys will be pulled apart and reconstructed from other toys to make new weapons and buildings for defence and attack.

The influences I have used are
Scrapheap challenge
Time Bandits
Mad Max
Shanty towns

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