matt hyland On Thursday, 21 January 2010

this was tricky, to refresh my memory I went back over the old toaster tutorial, I then created one side and then mirrored the geometry

here i am trying to make the books more natural by changing there size and making some lean against each other
it was advised by alison to create something uncanny to out with in the scene, and we then agreed on the old manacles idea

to add more details I duplicated and re sized the small table that the TV stood on, after this I then added books from the book shelf.

this is my final peace

with assistance with emily naithen and Tom I finally textured and created the scene, the most difficult part of this scene was creating the glass refraction.

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  1. Tom Beg says:

    nice one Matt. I think the art direction of the final image works really well. :)

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