matt hyland On Monday, 25 January 2010

these were the two things bugging me about my scene

here I improves this by going into mesh and smothering but again I cant seem to get the other ring to render out with the other objects, it's probably there but not seen or clear

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  1. Matthew,

    Lots missing for this submission - Shader tutorials, fur tutorials, and only half a texturing tutorial? Whats going on? Are they done and not uploaded? Or did you not attempt them at all? Either way they need to be completed and uploaded.

    Your final image has texturing and lighting issues. You chair is poorly textured and the room overly grey (lighting). Working in Uni is important, but you have to seek help to overcome problems such as these. Ask questions.

    Final Comment: Finish the missing tutorials and seek help more often to improve your work.

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