matt hyland On Thursday, 14 January 2010

juggling essay and scene

the main difficulty with in this scene is trying to get the concistancy with era I'm looking at like the 1950's style and furniture and what they may have in a rural suberban house at the time, like I have created a 1950's style TV

I'm hoping to have the scene dim and the wine glass obscuring the vission creating it to be curved

these images are playing with the idea of uncanny during the holidays

Taking these images had given me the vision of what kind of lighting I would like and what objects I may use with in the scene

this the scene I have gone for the wine glass effect with the main scene being quite dimly lit

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  1. tutorphil says:

    ... and about time too - nice to have you back, Matt - now get on with it! :-)

  2. Hi Matt, have you done any trials into refraction with your wine glass, in Maya I mean. Or are you going to "fake" the effect in post processing.
    I'm only asking because achieving predictable results with refractions could be a bit of a bitch. Check out this image by Cory Cosper (it is also in this months 3D World).

    One of the things he wanted to get right was the refractions in the lenses, he even went to lenghts of modelling the correct curvature for the lenses, the problems he had were with the shader not angling the light correctly.

    I'm not sure when your deadline is but it would be a good idea to get Alan on board to iron out any issues.... and if in doubt a plan B (render out background and glass seperately distort background in photoshop as appropriate then composite).

  3. Tom Beg says:

    sup Matt, looking pretty good, perhaps the sofa is a bit square and angular though? You might want to soften it up a bit? :)

  4. Jackie says:

    Hi Matt
    Not sure if you have had a look at any books from the library with regards to 1950s American housing etc - I did a quick hunt on the library catalogue and came up with a few things...

    Symbols of ideal life social documentary photography in America 1890-1950 770.9 STA

    As seen on TV : the visual culture of everyday life in the 1950s 302.23 MAR

    I found these by putting in '1950s America' - if you cahnge the words, you will probably come up with more!

    Also, think back (or have another look) at films like Invaders from Mars, as these will give you some more ideas of the furnishing at that time. Hope this helps...have a good weekend!

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