matt hyland On Wednesday, 16 December 2009

At this moment I need to yet create a propper scene, I've desided to step away from manacles as they're abit too obvious, so i desided to go into a more reflective scene and having a mix up with the artists of Escher and Greggory Crewdson.

I was thinking of placing a old goblet on a window ledge in a 1940's American suburb house... But reflecting and obscuring a street scene behind it (or infront well you looking into the house with the goblet being the main image and the back ground of the house being blurred; and the street scene being reflected with in the goblet) I have a feeling that this scene maybe a bit of a hand full.

doing so I decided to create a simple goblet with in maya, before going any further...

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Hi Matt - it's early days, but I'm not too sure about the conceptual success of this scene - why the goblet? And why the skewed reflection? Simplicity might be key - think about John Carpenter's use of foreground, midground, background...

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