matt hyland On Monday, 14 December 2009

after watching invaders from mars, I found it very funny the multiple over used scenes, though the film was done on a tight budget. It was strange on how everyone in the film boleaved the boy, and that very vert clever people like him don't amagen things up. saying this I found the film good in how they got accross the feelling of people not ever being them selves again. with in the film to describe the remote control devices; they used new metireals what would of been new at the time and un-hard of by many people at the time, to make the alains seem more ruturistic.

While watching the film I could not help noticing the main alian leader looked a lot like tony harrison from the mighty boosh. In which I wouldn't doubt that the mighty boosh gethered their influence from old old films.

(tony harrison)

*dead of night*

*step ford house wives*

this film had the same formula as many of the other films I had already scene, Invasion of the body snatchers, and it takes elements of the invaders from mars, but with this there seems to be no happy ending. the film is also like the Edward scissor hands with everything so perfect. the robotic women remind me of Allison's blog post about the fake robotic women


Halloween was not as scary as I thought though jumpy, the camera scenes are brilliant for the angles and the perspective, this has given me allot of inspiration for my own scene. the murderer is always viewed as tall and always above everyone look down up on them.

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