matt hyland On Sunday, 13 December 2009

here Is an update to what I'm looking up and thinking up

I've decided to take my inspiration from Escher

It is this idea that has got me thinking

with Escher's work I like the way it turns a normal scene into an illusion

this idea was where it came to chalenging our perception of a dark Gothic house and changing it to a modern contemporary house in a creepy dark woods, this is a quick sketch with not much detail but its just voicing the idea of why does horror commit in a Gothic house when it can happen anywhere, PLUS we feel comfort in NEW fresh "contemporary" house so I'm just challenging this, why cant horror happen in a newly designed house??

this idea is a mixture of experiments and ideas rapped up into one, more inspired from films I have seen in the past few weeks. I like the idea of entrapment, where you feel trapped.
though this image is a basic random out of head thinking sketch and everything is too obviouse.

This is more towards the Idea, a nice modern house, but with manacles with in it, (after this, image; it locked me in the idea of manacles, so I decided to shoot some ideas out of my head into a page)

here I'm experimenting with changing and challenging the viewer, of looking at a scene through a refraction, again very quick and scruffy, they're just quick thoughts and very ruff ideas and while creating this I was taking my inspiration from Escher.

(wine glass in a rusty dirty tool shed)

Here through maya I have experimented in creating a manicle

The shapes have been manipulated through using a pipe shape

the chains were not beveled so they would create the smooth look

these are not finished peaces, and this needs more detail if I where to use it with in any scenes,
you could call these a digital sketch.

(again and again this blog is lacking film reviews time has been very very very busy, I'm not going to lie and make wiled wacky excuses, but this weeks have been tite on me with trying to get a free evening) and they will be coming up soon

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