matt hyland On Friday, 4 November 2011

I've been roughly thinking of the final presetation of the skates and have created a few story boards to convay these ideas, I was thinking of having a turn arround of the skates slowly building its self to its final point, while this I started to think beifly of the environment i.e the attic, I thought it would be good to hav the attic slowly coming into focus arround the the skates as they are building, and then the camera turning arround showing the environment, I then started to look at cluttered attics as for a slight inspiration for the back ground.

This is very hill like and could imagen the toys using monster truck wheels or catapilar tracks to get accross it.

 This one I particualy liked, due to its theme of the toys

all these are basic random visuals, and inspirations for the environment behind.

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