matt hyland On Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm firstly thinking of the game as a consol game, mainly for PS3 or Xbox, if I did PC, it would be a higher level of detail. I have chosen the age of 7+ rather than 12+, as for the style of this game is set very child like. 

I'm thinking of making the game for  xbox and PS3

Other games that are like my game are Ratchet and Clank  and the latest game that is Rage

Both games are very simular to my game, as you have to upgrade weapons and objects through scavenging parts and modification. Rage you win/collect new stuff through doing races and while being sent on missions you then find more objects to combine together to create extera or other types of weapons. This can also be seen in ratchet and clank, were the players can unlock new items and gedgets and weapons as the game gose on. 

Yesteday me and Alan talked about the geometry of the skate, and the important parts that need more and parts that need less, we also spoke about the mapping of the skate aswell, so today I've gone over the model and pushed up the geometry on all the key elements of the skate.

 I feel it looks slighty better with more geometry, feel it looks more slicker and nicer.
 I also improved up on the parts that were un needed, and took out the areas that has too mutch geometry on the base of the skate. You will also notice that here I'm using triangles, at the back of this skate on the bottom, as games modelling allows this aspect. 

This is an example of the old and new, with the less geomety and the new geometry.

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