matt hyland On Thursday, 24 November 2011

These are the skates finally UV'd and all ready to go.

Final 50's texture map, there was a struggle from the first texture map as I was trying to fit the two maps on two maps, as you can see from the botom map. The sides of the teslar were cone shaped and the shapes were squed, through using a technque I used up on the 80's skates stopper, I cylindrical mapped it, then split up the faces then put them above each other. I then moved edited the map to unsque, this then saved allot more space, thus allowing me to move over the other maps onto a single map. 

This is the final 80's map after talking to Alan he said to create it on 4 maps asyou can see there are more parts to the 80's toy, and more complex parts to it, I've tryed to keep the imortant parts on each map, I know what part is and each map go to.

I cant wait to start texturing and getting things ready.

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  1. godwino says:

    this is looking really good Matt, :) make sure you some really nice textures too

  2. Jackie says:

    Well done Matt! Looking forward to seeing the colours and textures now! :)

  3. tutorphil says:

    congrats, Matt :) Now - as Godwin says, let's see the texturing be a work of bloody art! :)

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